I want to change my accommodations/meals/share a room, basically just not pay the full price.

Contact us through the contact form below and we’ll work it out with you through email.

What do you mean by my game has to be “playable prototype”?

Our expectation is you are actively working on your game but it is unfinished.  After all, this is the best time for deep objective evaluation of your project by two other game developers.  In order for them to give valuable feedback they have to see it running, and play some portion of it.  Otherwise they have very little they can say or assist with.

Games are easy to design and hard to make.  We are trying to avoid a situation where an attendee only has a point form word document of ideas and there isn’t anything concrete the other squad members can evaluate.

This doesn’t mean you can’t discuss features you have not yet implemented.  Using your squad mates as a sounding board for soon to be added features is incredible valuable.  But there needs to be some base game from which to have the discussion.

If you have further questions contact us through the contact form below.

Why Orlando?

First, flights are direct and cheap from most airports across North America.  We want there to be minimal travel hassle for attending.

Second, most indie game devs we have talked to have a family that want to travel together.  Orlando provides many attractions and activities for the family while attending the conference.  Attendees can extend the trip beyond the conference and enjoy Orlando for a few days.

Will it always be Orlando?

We are considering other cities for 2016.  However, when you are on the East coast in the middle of February the place you most want to be is Orlando.


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