S1E03 Josh Larson (That Dragon, Cancer) and Paper’s Please


From agnosticism in college, to IGF finalist, to making That Dragon, Cancer, this is the personal story of Josh Larson, God, and Video Games.

Show Notes

Games we’re playing:

Deep Dive Game
Paper’s Please by Lucas Pope.  An excellent example of meaningful choices in a game.  Also, how literally any subject matter can be a fun engaging game.

Key Points of Interest


  1. Thomas B. Henshell SR. (aka Tom)

    Love the Podcast. More “power” (and Grace) to you all. There is really a need for what you all are doing in a professional way. “Let your light shine!”
    Coram Deo
    Tom H.

  2. Thanks again for this! Small correction, RRR and JS Joust are games that came to mind I’ve played in the last year. My favorite all-time games would likely be The Dig, Judith, and maybe Passage or Gravitation? I suppose I’d have to think more about the all-time list.

  3. Very encouraging Josh and Radiance team. Thanks so much for the full openness of your story of how you came to follow Christ and the journey he took you on to get into game development. So good to hear more about the story behind That Dragon Cancer as well!

  4. Another great show! Keep making them.

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