S1E05 Brock Henderson (Elevate Entertainment) and Minecraft


What does it mean when God starts and stops your career in games?  From several features in the app store, to working with Phil Visher (creator of Veggitales), to having game downloads in the millions, to suddenly moving towns and working as a house painter.  This is the story of Brock Henderson, dreams, idols, and a God who is Good.

In this episode Brock bares his soul about his intertwined game career and faith journey.  From his start in college in 3D design, to building a Chicago based web design studio, to making flash web games, to then seeing his chance with the launch of the iPhone.  Like Abraham with the binding of Isaac, this is a personal story about dreams and sacrifice.  How willing are you to follow the Lord?

Show Notes

What games we’re playing:

Deep Dive Game
We deep dive into Minecraft and discover the secrets it holds for Christian game developers, including how it could be like Eden.

Do I really need to give you a link to Minecraft?  Seriously?  OK fine, here you go https://minecraft.net/.

Key Points of Interest


  1. I’m so glad I got to hear more about Brock’s story. Thank you for continuing this podcast, it’s really valuable to me. :)

  2. I agree with Josh. Thanks for being on the show Brock and thanks for the podcast guys.

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