S2E05 Light in Game Dev Community with Nic Biondi (Hardlander)



“The key to community is just showing up.”

How can we be salt and light within our local game dev communities?  What should our attitude be? What will it cost us?  How do you handle gossip?

Join us for an insightful conversation with Nic Biondi of Hard Lander as we discuss game dev community.

Oh, and also how this Weird Al song You Make Me got Nic into game development.

Show Notes


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  1. Murselle McMillan

    I really enjoyed the podcast on community, and was delighted to hear Nic speak. I stayed in he and his wife’s home, and it changed my viewpoint on hospitality. What a wonderfully accepting home! The podcast gave me new insights into my own community ministry. Thank you.

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