S2E06 Designing Bible Themed Games Well with Lance Hill (Kings of Israel)


In the quest to design a game based on the Bible, you can alienate both non-Christians and Christians.

Is there an example of a biblicaly themed game that meshes them and mechanics perfectly, avoiding the dreaded “Ludonarrative Dissonance”?  We think so.  And that game is the board/video game Kings of Israel.

Join us as we dive into an insightful game design discussion with Lance Hill, creator of Kings of Israel.

Show Notes

  • Bohnanza is a great example of how a small mechanically sound game doesn’t cost a lot of money to produce.
  • You can now play the Steam version of Kings of Israel

One Comment:

  1. Really enjoyed the discussion with a board games designer – love to hear more of these in the future.

    Have added both Kings and Commissioned to my wishlist :)

    have a great day

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