S1E01 The Launch


In this, our first episode, we go in depth with our game developer co-hosts to see how they got into game development, the project they are slavishly working on, and how their faith informs their game development.  Then we deep dive into what Gone Home can teach us about sharing a message to an audience that may not want it.


Show Notes

Games we’re playing:

Thomas — Bardbarian

Michael — Castles 2

M. Joshua — Dungeon of the Endless

Featured Game

Gone Home by the Fullbright Company.  A wonderful example of how narrative can drive gameplay AND share a deep message with an audience.

M. Joshua Cauller

Check out all of his game reviews, journalism, creation, and activities at Love Subverts

Micahel Uzdavines

Heroes of Issachar First Person Shooter meets fantasy city builder

Thomas Henshell

Archmage Rises D&D style open world mage simulator (RPG) where every choice matters.


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  1. Great podcast Radience team! I enjoyed hearing each of your journey how you got into game dev and how your faith is a central part of that. Kudos to host M. Joshua for some solid banter and good pacing. I think a shorter deep dive and more on the guests journey would be more interesting. Thanks!

  2. I’ve been looking forward to getting to listen to these but have been setting it aside for one reason or another… Anyway, just got around to listening to the first one and I enjoyed the outlook and commentary very much, thank you. I look forward to the episodes to come!

  3. Glad I finally got to check this out. Great first episode. :) I wish I would have listened to this before being a guest, haha. And I really appreciate spending more time doing the deep dive. It takes effort to unpack a game and talk about what makes it valuable for Christian game devs, so I’m glad you spent that time.

  4. My buddy Joshua M. keeps talking about this podcast so I gave it a listen. This is a great podcast. The production quality is very good and I appreciate that. I’m not very much into independent game development so I’m learning a lot.

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