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Why a Podcast?

In late 2014 Thomas was frustrated.  In general, the game press misunderstands Christians, and the church misunderstands game developers.

There were podcasts about the Christian life.  There were podcasts about game development.  There were even podcasts about Christianity and playing video games.  But there was nothing wrestling with the unique challenge of being a game developer and Jesus follower.  Further more, no one was shining a light on the awesome games being made by Christians.

Each year at the Christian Game Developer Conference, for a few days in summer, like minded developers would get together to discuss and encourage one another.  It is awesome.  Then you have to wait until next year.  It is sorta like going to church once a year.

So with some like minded friends who were smart/foolish enough to join in, the group decided to create a weekly podcast delving into issues important to the professional Christian indie game developer.

The Format

In general, the podcast contains two parts.

First, meeting our special guest, their background, faith, how they got into game development, and the project they are working on.

Second, the group deep dives into a popular game dissecting it from a design perspective for elements we feel Christian game developers can learn from.  It’s sorta like a bible study but with games.  And more particle effects.

About our Hosts

If three’s a crowd, then four is awesomeness!  Each week our three hosts invite on a special guest (or two) for an in depth discussion about games, development, and life of the indie.

M. Joshua Cauller


Game journalist and gaming evangelist.  M. Joshua brings his interest in gaming and Jesus to the forefront.  He also tries to keep the podcast on track.  Check out all of his game reviews, journalism, creation, and activities at Love Subverts

Michael Uzdavines


Former lawyer, long time gamer, now full time game developer.  Having released several mobile apps, Michael is now building Heroes of Issachar, a first person shooter and fantasy city builder, with Unity.  Heroes of Issachar is coming  to PC/Mac through Steam, XBox One, and PS4.

Thomas Henshell


Serial entrepreneur, former software developer, full time game developer.  Thomas is building his third game, Archmage Rises, which he describes as “an open world mage simulator”.  It’s like Grand Theft Auto, but with more mages and less nastiness.  Archmage Rises is being built in Unity and is coming to PC/Mac and possibly consoles.  (If Michael tells him how)

Blue Robot Holding Video Game Controller


  1. Love the podcast, guys. Hoping for season 2.

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  3. Great podcast. I hope there will be more.

  4. I really enjoyed the first season of the radiance podcast, any updates on how things have been for a possible season 2?

  5. Hey guys, this page/podcast seems like an oasis in a vast desert.

    I was curious if you guys are going to put up some sort of statement of faith. I’ve yet to listen to the podcast, so forgive my ignorance if this has already been answered elsewhere, but I’d love to hear about where you guys go to church, or denominational/theological backgrounds you’re coming from.

  6. Season #1 was great. I have 1 episode to go & I am going to look into all of the games you guys were playing, all the games that were discussed & are being developed.
    I am also hopeful to get in contact with some of you in regards to being a Christian / running a small business…

    thanks for the great content I can listen to in the car with my boys :)
    – Justin

  7. Hey guys, just want to say that I really enjoyed season 1 of the podcast and pray that you guys come back with season 2. Thanks!

  8. Hi, are you guys going to be putting your podcast on Podbean? I have an android phone so that would be great if you do. ANyways, keep up the great work here, and keep doing things with excellence. God bless.

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